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Hey there, dedicated dog parent!
I see you.​

I see you spending hours online, trying to find the best option for your dog.
But you feel lost sometimes with too much information on dog training.

You've tried teaching your dog some obedience.
You've tried using treats to get their attention.
You run or walk miles with your dog to tire them out.
You've tried to be the "pack leader"...

But nothing really seems to solve the core issue of your dog.
And yet, you feel like you have to manage your dog constantly...

But, the truth is you don't have to control your dog with commands to fix behavioral issues.
There is a better way to give your dog more freedom yet to have a harmonious life together.

I specialize in helping people create a
PEACEFUL LIFESTYLE through more natural and deeper changes in the dog. And we can do that by influencing their emotions and thoughts to get better behaviors because "behaviors are the outcome of thoughts and emotions" (a quote from my mentor and colleague Mark McCabe, Training Between the Ears). By addressing their thoughts and emotions, we transform our dog from the INSIDE OUT!

Whether you are looking for a trainer for your brand new puppy,
or you're trying to find solutions to your dog's challenging behavioral issues,
you'll find all the resources you need in ONE place!

Even if you think you've tried everything, don't give up just yet!
There is hope. ​The help is right here.

Take one more step and schedule a quick chat and learn about your new possibilities!

Owner / Trainer at Placid Paws



Hi! my name is Sunghee [seong-hee] and just like a lot of you, I'm a wife, and a mom of a crazy dog and a demanding cat. But I just happened to be a dog trainer too!

I hold strong values on compassion. Compassion for animals, the earth, and humans. That's why I focus on HEALING THE DOG rather than training the dog for what WE want. After all, we humans have the enormous power to make changes on this planet. And I want to be the positive change I want to see in the world for the better of people and all the living beings that let us coexist.

So, if you are like me, please reach out to me. I want to make that powerful change together for everyone we love.


 Training Services

Learning Center

Get support for your learning & stay connected with the community

Day School

Additional private tutoring for your dog while you're at work

1:1 Coaching

More in-depth and customized coaching sessions with Sunghee

Group Training

Hone you and your dog's skills for real life situations

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Online resources

Placid Paws training is based on the principles and techniques of Training Between the Ears (TBTE) system. TBTE training system and principles were developed by Mark McCabe and Stephanie McCabe, mentors and colleagues. TBTE uses primarily reward and relaxation strategies to change the emotional state of dogs and help them moderate their own emotions

If you want to learn more about TBTE and what the training with Placid Paws could do to help you and your dog, here are a few low cost courses you can explore.

Happy terrier.jpg

6 Days to a New Life

Whether your dog is rambunctious, shy, aggressive, fearful, or hyperactive, we've proven that in JUST 6 DAYS you can massively improve recalls, relaxation, emotional resilience, and overall good behavior

Aggressive dog.jpg

Reactive Dog

Learn how to help you and your dog start feeling better (and less frustrated) about other dogs or people.

scared dog.jpg

Fearful Dog

Learn how to help your dog overcome fear, make them more optimisitc, and make a shift to emotional wellness.