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Hey there, dedicated dog parent!
I see you.
I see you spending hours online, trying to find the best for your dog.
But you feel lost sometimes with too much information on dog training.
Nothing really helps with your dog's barking and whining.
The anxiety your dog experiences when left alone breaks your heart!
Despite your effort and good intention, yet you wonder "Am I doing it right? ", "Am I ruining my dog without knowing it?"
Don't worry. I got your back!
I specialize in creating a PEACEFUL LIFESTYLE for you AND your dog.
Don't wait any longer to join the community of happy dog parents who gained the most valuable knowledge and techniques for the journey with their dog.
The help is right here. Why waste more time?
Let's get started TODAY!
Owner / Trainer at Placid Paws

Training & Services


8-week group class where all the cool dog parents hang out and learn

1:1 Coaching

More in-depth care and customized training session with Sunghee

Day School

Half-day private tutoring for your dog while you're busy at work


Dog Parent's Guide - 'Road Map to Creating a Zen Dog'

Most of problem behaviors your dog shows have one thing in common - lack of calmness. Helping your dog to relax is the fundamental way to solve any behavioral issues.

Get a closer look of how all the successful dog parents start their new journey with Placid Paws whether they have an anxious dog or overtly exuberant family dog.

Sunghee Kim

M.Sc. in Animal Behavior

Dog Trainer Foundation Certified with International Association for Canine Professionals


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