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Training Philosophy
- Why choose Placid Paws?

Placid Paws' training puts dogs' mental well-being first in mind in order to create long-lasting changes in their lives. We don't just change their behaviors but their emotions and perception. We focus on teaching dogs good decision making skills rather than managing them through obedience training. The most of behavioral issues we see with our dogs root from lack of clarity and information from us, lack of biological fulfillment, or lack of ability to calm down themselves. As one of respected trainers said, at the end of the day, dog training should be what we can do for the dog, not what we want from the dog. We feel very confident that you will see a whole new level of joy and peace your dog can bring to your home!

Who We are

Sunghee Kim is the owner and trainer at Placid Paws. Sunghee is Dog Trainer Foundation Certified with International Association of Canine Professionals. Working with animals has been always her passion and dream since she was a little kid. She went to Sweden to study animal behavior and gained her master's degree in Applied Ethology and Animal Science in 2011. She trained fur seals at a zoo as a part of her thesis and learned clicker training. A few years ago, when she met Maggie, her close family members' rescue dog, she noticed that Maggie had various behavioral problems including resource guarding, aggression towards cats, and car chasing. However, as she was trying to find ways to help Maggie, she found her way out to the street one day and got hit by a truck. Unfortunately, that was her last day. That really motivated Sunghee to learn about dog training and help other owners and dogs who have behavioral challenges.


Sunghee keeps up with the latest information and various methods on dog training on a regular basis by attending seminars and workshops. She has been fortunate enough to learn from some of the top trainers in the U.S.. Her methods and philosophy are hugely influenced and inspired by Kayce Cover (Syn Alia Training Systems), Mark McCabe (Training Between the Ears), Chad Mackin (Pack to Basics), and Jay Jack (Next Level Dogs).

Sunghee is an active member of International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) and volunteer through Lulu's rescue.

Fun fact about Sunghee!

Sunghee and her husband run Hundred Fruit Farm in New Hope, PA, an orchard run with regenerative farming practices, a.k.a. Permaculture, to grow unusual fruit and nurture our community. She also spends her spare time working with other animals such as sheep and pigs. 

Sunghee holds strong values on earth care, people care, and fair share! She is dedicated to helping people and dogs in the local areas of New Hope, Newtown, Doylestown, PA.

Jessie is Sunghee's sidekick and training partner. She was adopted in the early 2016 through a rescue group, Crossing Paths. Jessie was found with her mom and her litter mates in Alabama and all of them got adopted at the same day to different families. Jessie is very bright and loves to run (and very fast!). Although she can be a little shy to new people, she is very affectionate once she gets to know them. And she is a great at making other dogs come out of their shells and play with her. She lives on a farm with a cat, chickens, pigs and sheep, and her best friend Zoey, her grandparents' labrodoodle. She is a very good farm dog and surely she loves her life on the farm!

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Sunghee Kim

M.Sc. in Animal Behavior

Dog Trainer Foundation Certified with International Association for Canine Professionals



Serve areas of

New Hope, Solebury, Pineville, Peddlers village, Lahaska, Wrightstown, Furlong, Aquetong, Mechanicsville, Gardenville, Newtown, Richboro, Doylestown, Danboro, Plumsteadville, Lumberville, Washington Crossing, Yardly, Woodside, Upper Marketfield, PA

Lambertville, NJ

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