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Training Services

Whether you just got a new dog and want to raise them to be the best dog possible, or you're dealing with difficult issues that require 1:1 help from professionals, Placid Paws is here to help you!  
1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Customize your training plan through 1:1 coaching sessions with Sunghee. Some people have very challenging situations where they need to know exactly what they need to do with their dog. Some people want just more for their dog beyond their initial goals. Either way, 1:1 coaching sessions really speed up the learning process for you and your dog. Both virtual & in-person options are available.

It starts at $300* for two in-home lessons + online course. Subsequent lessons are $125*/lesson. 

*It's the base fee for local clients. Travel fee may apply to further locations.

Day School
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Day School

Our most effective training service!  Day school gives your dog a bit of a boost to achieve the goals FASTER. Your dog gets daily training with Sunghee while you're busy with other things in life.

Training takes place in many different locations in order to help your dog to be reliable wherever they go - at your home, or public places. This program also provides continuous support for you in order to make sure the training sticks. The available spots for this service are limited. Book your consultation today to grab yours!

Consult for the rate.

Group Training

Group Classes

Our group training sessions are a place where you and your dog practice and apply all the knowledge and skills you've learned from online and in-person coaching. Our classes are small and intimate (3 - 4 dogs at a time), so you can ask questions and get personal feedback, unlike a big group class where you hardly get a chance to talk to the trainer at all.

$25 - $55 depending on the group size. The bigger the group is, the less it costs.

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Online Learning Center

Wouldn't it be nice to have just one reliable place to get all the training as well as other tips for general care for your dog that ensure your success instead of bouncing around all over the internet and get confused? Save your time and headache with Placid Paws!
Our Learning Center is also a place where you can ask questions and share ups & downs during your training journey. Plus, all of this is accessible at your fingertips via mobile app.

Free access to current/active clients.

Talk with Sunghee and get customized program suggestions to best achieve your goals

Examples of topics Sunghee can help you with your dog:
  • foundational training - puppies and new dogs
  • separation anxiety
  • noise phobia (thunder or fireworks)
  • fear of vet visit or grooming
  • extreme anxiety during car rides
  • Hyperactive - not being able to settle down
  • and more
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