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Whether you just got a new dog and want to raise them to be the best dog possible, or you're dealing with difficult issues that require 1:1 help from professionals, Placid Paws is here to help you!  

Day School

Our most popular training service!  Day school gives you FAST RESULTS even when you can't spend too much time training your dog. Your dog gets daily training with Sunghee while you're busy with your life and you don't have to leave your house.

Training takes place in many different locations in order to help your dog to be reliable wherever they go - at your home, or public places. This program also provides continuous support to make sure the training sticks. Book your consultation today to grab your spot!


1:1 Coaching

Customize your training plan through 1:1 coaching sessions with Sunghee. Some people have very challenging situations where they need to know exactly what they need to do with their dog. Some people want just more information to go extra mile. Either way, 1:1 coaching sessions really speed up the learning process for you and your dog. Both virtual & in-person options are available.


Virtual Classroom

Wouldn't it be nice to have just one reliable place to get all the training secrets that ensure your success instead of bouncing around all over the internet and get lost? Save your time and headache with Placid Paws!
Virtual Classroom is a place where you can ask questions anytime without having to wait for the next class. Don't worry about being overwhelmed! You can learn at your pace and fit the training to your own busy schedule at any time. Our user-friendly learning experience allow us to cover different topics as needed.
Examples of behavioral issues we can help with:
  • separation anxiety
  • noise phobia (thunder or fireworks)
  • fear of vet visit or grooming
  • aggression towards children, cats or other pets
  • extreme anxiety during car rides
  • lunging or barking at other dogs on walks
  • guarding their food or toys
  • Hyperactive - not being able to settle down
  • and more
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Sunghee Kim


M.Sc. in Animal Behavior

Dog Trainer Foundation Certified with International Association for Canine Professionals


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