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Our experience with Placid Paws for our Bergamasco Sheepdog Lily was excellent. Lily was struggling with considerable anxiety issues and we wanted to try non pharmacological methods to help her. Sunghee is not only very professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate, but also very effective. After working with her, Lily has shown great improvement. She has learned several relaxation techniques to manage her anxiety. She is doing much better with separation, inclement weather, walking on hardwood floors, and tolerating noise. She is eating better and overall a happier dog without use of medications. The in home training is very convenient and Sunghee is flexible with timing. Booster lessons can be scheduled, which are great if you are unable to be around. I would highly recommend Placid Paws to anyone looking for help with his/her pup, who is motivated to learn and commit to implementing very effective methods. Thank you Sunghee!

Maryam Bickell (New Hope, PA)

Sunghee is an amazing trainer! She was a lifeline when our foster developed aggressive behaviors that were very intense. She helped us feel like we could manage the dog and get a handle on the situation. She is very patient, well informed, and clearly has a wonderful rapport with dogs. She gave us techniques that helped to lower his overall energy and manage negative behaviors and he has truly transformed for the better. She spends a lot of time working at the dogs pace, aligning the training with what the dog and you are capable of, and every lesson gave us homemade, easy to follow reading materials to refer to and new techniques to work on. Every lesson we also practiced the techniques together, so I felt more confident and made sure I felt comfortable using the techniques and applying them to everyday situations. If we could give more than five stars, we would.

Mary Cait Phalen (Newtown, PA)

We were very impressed with the patience and dedication that Sunghee brings to her dog training.  She has helped us get our new puppy Charlie comfortable in his new home.  Her techniques are calming and easy to follow.  She provides printed reports and videos on what was covered in every visit.


Sue Machler (Washington Crossing, PA)

Our tiny dog was attacked by a pit bull at 16 weeks. He suffered from extreme reactivity and fear aggression. After many attempts to rehabilitate him, we were lucky enough to find Sunghee Kim of Placid Paws. Her methods, talent, patience and extreme dedication greatly helped our little guy. We can’t thank her enough. She is truly one of a kind.


David Broad (New Hope, PA)

Sunghee does a fantastic job teaching good behavior to both my dog and I. Grady loves training time and has learned so much in the process of becoming a well-trained dog!

Brian Bowlder (North Wales, PA)

I am so happy with the progress my pup Desi has made.
Sunghee is so patient with him and taught him some relaxation exercises that have really calmed him down. Thank you Sunghee.

Andrea Barker (Newtown, PA)

Sunghee is an amazingly talented trainer! She has graciously helped several of our dogs in rescue. Each of the dogs that she worked with made great improvement in their behavior as a result of her expertise. She has a calm gentle way of working with both humans and the animals. Sunghee is patient, knowledgeable and professional. A pleasure to work with and a valuable resource for all the people and their pups in our area!
Teri Berman (Lulu's Rescue)

Sunghee Kim

M.Sc. in Animal Behavior

Dog Trainer Foundation Certified with International Association for Canine Professionals


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